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Induction heating systems


Heating systems for heating billets


  • typically used in the forging process
  • fast heating, low scale, temperature uniformity
  • temperature control of each workpiece
  • remote diagnostic
  • Industry 4.0 ready

Heating systems for heating bars and tubes


  • used in process of forging, quenching and tempering, annealing, coating, drying
  • fast heating, low scale, high temperature uniformity
  • temperature continuous measurement
  • remote diagnostic
  • Industry 4.0 ready

Heating systems for bars and tubes end


  • typically used in the process of forging screws or anchors
  • high capacity
  • different complete lengths of heated workpieces
  • remote diagnostic
  • Industry 4.0 ready

Custom design induction heating systems


  • manual, semi-automatic and automatic systems
  • individual housing
  • custom designed inductors
  • advanced process parameters control, monitoring and storing system


The induction heating systems are typically used in the process of forging but can be also used for annealing, quenching and tempering, drying or coating.

The systems are used to heat steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium and other materials. They are designed to heat round or rectangular billets, flat bars, bars, bars end, tubes, wires or sheets.

The power source of the heating system are the frequency converters with power 5kW ÷ 4000kW. All the systems can be equipped with automatic loading, unloading and transport systems. They also have advanced control systems to monitor and store the process parameters.

Our great experience make us possible to offer high quality products that meet requirements of modern forging plants. All the systems are equipped with a wide range of mechanical transport and handling systems. They are made in compact version (all in one) where the converter and the control system are installed in one housing holding the inductors on top. They can be equipped with a number of additional system like mechanical switching of inductors sets, double frequency converters, low capacity operation mode, ASHP system or advanced HMI.

ASHP system makes possible to automatically set the heating parametres after setting the workpiece dimension, capacity and output temperature. It also protects against melting the workpiece inside the inductor.

Advanced HMI with 3D process visualisation helps operator to control the complete process from one place. The service assistant enables troubleshooting from the operator panel and save maintenance time.

All the heating systems can easily cooperate with robotics handling systems and central data logging solutions.

The control, communication and logging solutions included in the heating systems can easily name them as Industry 4.0 ready.


  • compact design (all in one)
  • high power density, fast heating, low amount of scale
  • uniform temperature distribution
  • low energy consumption
  • automatic segregation
  • automatic transport system
  • temperature control of each workpiece
  • temperature autoregulation system
  • one inductor type for round and square billets
  • high quality inductors
  • heating process data storing
  • heating of wide range of workpiece diameters and lengths without maintenance works


  • ASHP system for automatic setting of heating parameters
  • service assistant
  • double frequency converters
  • mechanical switching of inductors sets
  • low capacity operation mode
  • advanced HMI with 3D process visualisation
  • remote diagnostic
  • multiple power outputs