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Induction heating systems

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Heating systems for heating billets

  • typically used in the forging process
  • compact design (all in one)
  • fast heating, low scale, temperature uniformity
  • automatic feeding, transport and segregation system from container tippler to the hammer or press
  • one inductor type for round and squre billets
  • temperature control of each workpiece
  • remote diagnostic
  • ASHP system for automatinc setting of heating parameters
  • additional equipment with double frequency operation, inductors switching and low capacity mode
  • advanced HMI interface with 3D process visualisation
  • heating process parameters storing
  • Industry 4.0 ready

Typical applications:

  • steel billets forging
  • non-ferrous metals forging
  • universal solution for different applications
Capacity when heating steel up to 1250oC400kg/h650kg/h1000kg/h1500kg/h2000kg/h2500kg/h3000kg/h4500kg/h
Active power160kW250kW400kW600kW800kW1000kW1300kW2000kW
Typical frequency4÷20 kHz3÷10 kHz2÷8 kHz1÷3 kHz0,5÷2 kHz0,5÷2 kHz0,5÷2 kHz0,5÷1 kHz
Typical billets diameter or squareØ10÷Ø30mmØ15÷Ø50mmØ20÷Ø70mmØ30÷Ø90mmØ40÷Ø110mmØ50÷Ø130mmØ60÷Ø160mmØ80÷Ø240mm
Typical billets transport level1400mm1400mm1600mm1600mm1600mm1600mm1800mm2000mm
Max. heating temp.1300 st C1300 st C1300 st C1300 st C1300 st C1300 st C1300 st C1300 st C
* other voltage on request, cooling water consumption depends on coil type and operating parameters