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Induction heating systems

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Open construction type coreless furnaces

  • systems for large foundries
  • melting of cast iron, cast steel and non-ferrous metals
  • open construction enables easy maintenance and coil monitoring
  • maintenance personnel outside the electromagnetic field
  • large furnace capacity
  • multiple power outputs for metal melting and holding
  • double frequency converters for melting and stirring
  • charging systems
  • push-out lining system
  • AMPS system for automatic melting
  • fume collectors
TypeCapacity [kg]Power [kW]Melting capacity for cast iron up to 1480oC [kg/h]
ITL 0.5/350500350650
ITL 0.75/450750450900
ITL 1.0/60010006001175
ITL 1.5/80015008001650
ITL 1.5/1000150010002100
ITL 2.0/1200200012002520
ITL 2.5/1500250015003200
ITL 3.0/1500300015003150
ITL 3.0/2000300020004175
ITL 4.0/2000400020004100
ITL 4.0/3000400030006250
ITL 6.0/4000600040008300